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Like all nonprofit associations, it takes a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors to lead the organization and its members to greatness. If you have experience working with a nonprofit organization and a passion for Dutchtown High and its Alumni Association, consider running for office. 

Business Meeting

october 9 elections

The Dutchtown High Alumni Association is looking for motivated and passionate individuals to join its Board of Directors! To run for office in the 2020-2021 Dutchtown High School Alumni Association election you must:

  • Be a paying member of the Dutchtown High Alumni Association

    • Paying members must have submitted their 2020 yearly donation of $30​

  • Be present at the Wednesday, October 9th DTHSAA meeting

    • All candidates must arrive no later than 6:00 p.m. to check in

    • Candidates will then stand and announce candidacy and are allotted a 3-5 minute window to address the membership


*Board of Directors (BOD) elections are held annually at the DTHSAA October general membership meeting.

The newly-elected BOD will then work with the outgoing BOD through the end of the year to train and transition duties, with the new BOD officially taking office January 1. Members of the Board of Directors serve a 24 month term, with the option to vacate their position at the end of one year. If this happens, their board seat will be open and available during midterm elections. The alumni member who wins this seat begins their 24 month term the January following their election in October.

available positions in 2019

October 2019 elections for 2020-2021 Board of Directors


Membership Director

available positions in 2020

October 2020 elections for 2021-2022 Board of Directors

Events/Fundraising Director


The President is the general manager of this association and has, subject to the control of the Board, general supervision, direction and control of the business, activities and officers (other than the Founding Director) of this corporation.   The President has the general powers and duties of management usually vested in the office of president and general manager of a corporation and such other powers and duties as may be prescribed by the Board. Among other things, the President shall be responsible for:

  • Ensuring the organization’s activities are compliant and in furtherance of its mission

  • Leading, managing, and developing the organization’s employees, volunteers, and organizational culture

  • Developing, implementing, monitoring, and assessing the organization’s programs (including their impact)

  • Developing, implementing, monitoring, and assessing sound and compliant financial management practices (including budgeting)

  • Developing, implementing, monitoring, and assessing sound and compliant fundraising practices

  • Developing, informing, and supporting the board and the board committees to carry out their governance functions

  • Partnering with the Founding Director to help ensure the Board’s directives, policies, and resolutions are carried out

  • Working with the development staff and the board of directors in cultivating and soliciting major foundation grants and individual gifts

  • Developing and maintaining beneficial relationships with donors, funders, supporters, collaborators, allies, vendors, and other stakeholders

  • Ensuring effective external communications about the organization and its mission, priorities, importance, programs, and activities

  • Championing the organization and advocating its mission to internal and external stakeholders

  • Keeping informed and the organization’s leadership informed of significant developments and changes in the internal and external environment

  • Leading the organization’s planning processes

  • Ensuring legal compliance (including all required filings) and sound risk management practices

vice president

  • Works closely with the board of directors and other top officers to define the mission of the organization.

  • Assist the President with daily operation of the organization

  • Is ready to assume the role of President in the event that the President can no longer perform his/her duties

sergeant at arms

  • Keeps order during meetings. If other board members or meeting attendees are disruptive, the sergeant may warn them and, in extreme cases, eject them from the meeting.


  • Develop and distribute a board calendar before the start of each year

  • Recording minutes of both board meetings and association meetings

  • Maintain a board binder containing the governing documents, key governance policies, minutes of board meetings, and written consents

  • Using appropriately secured electronic storage of key documents as a backup

  • Ensure that meeting minutes are distributed to the Association Members

  • Notify the communications chair of all meeting times and dates so they may update via social media

  • Compile Annual Report


  • Develop and enforce strong internal controls and financial management policies

  • Ensure accurate and complete financial reporting and proper maintenance of financial records and information/tax returns

  • Regularly assess risks and whether and how such risks should be mitigated

  • Keep a calendar of filing requirements and deadlines and have clear assignments (with backups) to help ensure they are all met in a timely manner

  • Have the organization’s financials audited whenever required or advisable