Important Voting Information

Requirements to vote

To vote in the initial Dutchtown High Alumni Association election during the 10.8.18 General Membership Meeting you must:

  • Have submitted the Membership Application form

  • Be a paying member of the Dutchtown High Alumni Association (by check or cash at the meeting, or choosing to receive a PayPal invoice for online payment by 10/31.)

How to vote

If you’ve submitted your membership application, then you will receive an email during the October 8 meeting once all candidates have given their speeches and officially declared. Even members in physical attendance will vote online. This email will be deployed to the email address you registered your membership with and contain a link to vote live in the election. The live ballot will remain open throughout the Order of Business, in which the general membership meeting will carry on with its agenda. You will have until the end of the New Business agenda items to vote (or minimum 30 minutes.)

Counting of the vote

Votes will be recorded and announced according to Section 3 of the DAA bylaws.

Section 3. Balloting and Counting.

  • A. Elections made by electronic ballot will be allowed. The process must provide for reasonable access to all eligible voters and for the confidentiality and security of such voting process.

  • B. The database used by the Association will display the electronic votes which will be counted by supervisory committee and verified by the Founding Director before the winners are announced.

  • C. Voting and Election Irregularities. A candidate (or member) who wishes to report an alleged violation, of the Election Code may do so by filing a written account of the alleged violation with the Supervisory Committee within forty-two (42) hours of the alleged violation. If the violation is not filed with the Supervisory Committee within this time, the allegation will be considered invalid and will not be recognized.

Installation of Officers

For this inaugural Board of Directors, all members (elected, appointed and honorary) will be installed at the closing of the 10.8.18 General Membership Meeting. For future annual elections, newly elected officers shall be installed at the January meeting opening.

If you have any questions, please email If you have technological issue when voting, please email your ballot selections to

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